International Trade Service

The MuDan Group's import and export trading department is located in the center of North York, Toronto. After years of development, it has established strong partnership with more than 100 institutions and regions in Canada. The company's import and export products include: plant extracts, Chinese herbal medicines, health care products such as: Canadian dry wild Arctic sea cucumber, American ginseng, seal oil, deep sea fish oil.

MuDan trade industry through the professional product registration and international market, domestic market promotion and distribution, cross-border e-commerce, etc., vigorously introduce foreign pharmaceutical products and technology, agent domestic and foreign pharmaceutical health products import and domestic marketing, to the international market Exporting pharmaceutical health products and services has become an integrated service provider that provides comprehensive solutions for medical health products and specialized services in both international and domestic markets. The company has a modern logistics center, which can provide customers with first-class medical health import and export trade supply chain integration services.




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