Other Business

Public Relationship

We are the core and ideas behind the relationship and the new standard of true communication. We have a close and good relationship with the Canadian government. Our customers have a socially innovative spirit. They redefine the entire industry. Their basic philosophy is that environmental and social responsibility is not only a buzzword, but also the cornerstone of true overall success. Whether it's for financial technology, real estate, lifestyle, healthcare or social enterprise customers, the intersection of creativity, business and social awareness is undergoing a revolution. We are not on the sidelines, but we are leading this with our client partners. We help our clients develop and share their most compelling stories to build true connections and drive results. No matter what your business or brand needs, we will help.

Land Development

MuDan Corporation’s real estate development department focuses on luxury home construction and land development, is one of the strongest real estate developer in Ontario. The company has a cooperative design partner, engineering construction partner, Canada's unique patent quality acceptance partner, gold brand after-sales service team and other comprehensive services as one of the construction developers. We have a large number of independently operated real estate projects. Its boutique services include property feng shui site selection, negotiation of purchase contracts, financing loans, exploration drawing, approval and approval, construction supervision, acceptance audit, sales customer service and so on. The department has a strong rapid development advantage. Through a strong, professional execution team, experienced and stable management team, the execution and risk resistance capabilities have been greatly enhanced. It is not only the home of your dreams, but also the sublimation of art!

Company Acquisition Service

MuDan Corporation’s professional project development and management consulting department's services cover a variety of industries and sectors, including manufacturing, services and real estate investment. Department headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company's legal and financial management branch companies combine local resources with an international management team to help many clients’ complete overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions planning, as well as planning for later management operations. Service also includes adjustments to help customers achieve the expected revenue targets.