MuDan Corporation

Mudan Corporation has a wide and far-reaching influence in Canadian society. It has really played a bridge role in communication and development in many fields, such as finance, trade, Sino-Canadian culture, international education and so on. It has helped many Chinese realize their dreams of entrepreneurship, investment, study abroad and business solutions in Canada.

Main business

Immigration and study abroad service, Canadian China Educational project

Import and export trade and commercial project development

Real Estate Development

Canadian government and public relations

Canadian companies acquire mergers and acquisitions

Business solutions, Canadian China cultural exchanges, etc

About MuDan Corporation

MuDan Corporation is a highly influential and diversified company in Canada. It consists of several Canadian lawyers, licensed immigration consultants, accountants and investment management consultants. MuDan Corporation has high social reputation, and maintains close connections with all levels of government, associations and chambers of commerce in Canada.

MuDan Corporation is committed to expanding the market share of Canadian companies and institutions in China and establishing close business partnerships with Chinese institutions. At the same time, it actively assists Chinese companies and institutions to connect with Canadian business partners; effectively help Chinese institutions to explore the North American market. MuDan Corporation has extensive and far-reaching influence in Canadian society. It has truly played a role in the exchange and development of finance, trade, Chinese Canadian culture, international education and other fields, helping many Chinese to achieve entrepreneurship in Canada.